Rebels Choice Trading in Brighton

Part from buying all our wicked threads on the Rebels Choice website or through our social media links we have decided to go back to our roots and start offering our stock at few trade locations across the south of UK.
While is pretty easy to buy online these days sometimes you just want to try out the stuff before you part with your hard earned cash so we decided to give our customers this option this summer at a few markets, trade shows and festivals.

Upper Gardner Street ( Brighton) 

This is a free street market that got its roots trading vintage & second hand clothes that goes way back. Its a querky little street market that is open every Saturday at, you guessed it Upper gardner street BN1 4AN from 9am - 5pm.
Here you can find us from 9am every Saturday from April 1st ( when weather allows) including loads of other cool vintage and second traders so its well worth a visit when your in town next.

A little history of Upper Gardner Street in Brighton.

Upper Gardner Street has been used as a market-place since the 1890s. In both Gardner Street and Bond Street, Victorian barrow-boys and traders gathered to sell their wares. Early this century, however, the market was still unoffical and police continually moved the traders on. In the 1920s, Harry Cowley, a chimney sweep and worker’s rights activist known as the “guvnor”, fought for regular pitches for the traders. The Authorities finally gave way to pressure and made Upper Gardner Street an official Saturday morning market.