The Trip Out Festival!

Welcome to the UK`s top Chopper & festival event of the Summer. Here you will find Rebels Choice trading this summer between 8-10 Sept at (Euston park, IP24 2QH). We will be mixing it up with a fantastic bunch of traders and performers that makes this festival a success every year and not to mention the massive selection of motorcycles, hot rods and custom cars.

The Trip Out show field is for vehicles that we love, want to own, that have a trip out sticker and embrace the Trip Out vibe…

We love Choppers, Bobbers, Lane Splitters, Bar Hoppers, Baggers, Stockers, Customs, Vans, Hot Rods, Gassers, Lowriders, Trucks & Muscle Cars… We don't dig billet wheels, street rods and modern custom bikes so please leave these at home or park on the camp site only.

Click on the image below to check out a cool video from the 2021 Trip Out!


For tickets go to: